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BKMS-react is an integrated and non-redundant biochemical reaction database containing known enzyme-catalyzed and spontaneous reactions. Biochemical reactions collected from BRENDA, KEGG, MetaCyc and SABIO-RK were matched and integrated by aligning substrates and products.

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EC Number
Reaction IDs
Stoichiometry Check  
methanogen homoaconitase
trihomocitrate = cis-(homo)3aconitate + H2O
: first step of two-step reaction (see R10394, R10395+R10396)
: Requires a CPD-7 for activity. In contrast to EC, ENZRXN-7008, this enzyme can catalyze both the dehydration of HOMO-CIT to form HOMO-CIS-ACONITATE and the subsequent hydration reaction that forms HOMO-I-CIT. In addition to HOMO-CIS-ACONITATE, the enzyme can also catalyze the hydration of the physiological substrates CPD-152 and CPD-301 as well as the non-physiological substrate CPD-10749. CIS-ACONITATE, THREO-DS-ISO-CITRATE and CPD-10745 cannot act as substrates, and CPD-150 and CPD-149 act as inhibitors of the enzyme [18765671].