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BKMS-react is an integrated and non-redundant biochemical reaction database containing known enzyme-catalyzed and spontaneous reactions. Biochemical reactions collected from BRENDA, KEGG, MetaCyc and SABIO-RK were matched and integrated by aligning substrates and products.

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EC Number
Reaction IDs
Stoichiometry Check  
isoflavone-7-O-beta-glucoside 6''-O-malonyltransferase
malonyl-CoA + daidzein 7-O-glucoside = CoA + daidzein 7-O-glucoside 6''-O-malonylester
: The malonylation of isoflavone glucosides has been suggested to be prerequisite for efficient passage of those compounds through the tonoplast. Malonylation renders the isoflavone glucosides more water soluble, consequently more suitable for vacuole storage. The malonylation step has been discussed as final step of the isoflavone conjugates biosynthesis [6639051]. However, the isoflavone-7-O-glucoside 6"-malonate malonyltransferase activity had been found strongly inhibited by distinct isoflavone-specific malonylesterase and glucohydrolase activities in crude extracts of Cicer arietinum which rather points to the existence of an isoflavone conjugate cycle with a subcellular compartmentation of the enzyme [6497385] .